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This is ClearWater

ClearWater Analytica makes forecasts of harmful algal blooms, connecting your decisions to outcomes, informed by weather and water-quality observations, and machine learning driven insights.

Your Water 
Your Future 
Your Decisions

ClearWater Analytica is a public benefit company dedicated to enhancing the resilience of municipalities, states, the public, and food/agricultural industry professionals. Our tools take the guesswork out of harmful algal bloom management. With ClearWater insights, you have at your hands the most trusted, empowering, and accurate insights for targeted harmful algal bloom monitoring and preparedness. ClearWater Analytica is your complete water quality decision support tool.


How We Create Value

Check out our harmful algal bloom dashboard for Detroit Lake in Oregon

ClearWater’s unique datasets, powerful machine learning models hosted in the cloud, and intuitive design help municipalities and businesses across the water quality stakeholder spectrum optimize decisions, improve efficiency, and manage risks. How can we help you?

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Big, Small, Dirty or Clean: 
All Data

ClearWater servers are used to store, clean, access and present all water quality data relevant to HABs, from satellite imagery to DNA information to water samples and more.

Resilient and Accurate
Machine Learning Insights

From data to actionable information; ClearWater uses custom cloud-base machine learning algorithms to find the signal in the noise. Our algorithms predict HABs with an accuracy >85%

Avoid Negative

Our HAB predictions allow users to:

  1. Prepare early for a harmful algal bloom event

  2. Target monitoring to specific locations and times

  3. Identify the drivers of blooms

"The City of Salem started using the ClearWater AI-driven insights in mid-2018. ClearWater provided us predictions of HABS up to 7 days in advance, which we continue to use! ClearWater algorithms ultimately deliver cutting edge impactful insights and analysis."

Devin Doring, Technical Services Supervisor. City of Salem Oregon Public Works

Image by Liz Harrell

Avoid Emergency Events

e.g., Harmful Algal Blooms

ClearWater predictive insights augment operational decisions by quality managers through advanced warning of emergency events, like harmful algal blooms. ClearWater buys water quality managers time to prepare mitigation strategies

Targeted Monitoring

i.e., Reduced Costs

Source water monitoring is slow and costly. ClearWater insights provide managers actionable information that can be used to improve the efficiency (i.e. the directing the timing and location) of source water monitoring.

Image by dirk von loen-wagner
Image by Fredrick Lee

Long-term Planning

i.e., Climate Change Adaptation

In addition to guiding operational decisions, ClearWater provides insights into seasonal and decadal changes in water quality. Clients use this information to guide long-term planning.

Building Public Trust

Data and AI Transparency

ClearWater data and insights are visualized through web- and mobile-applications, providing transparency that enhances trust with stakeholders

Image by Jeremy Bishop
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