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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sort of Data Can You Handle?

ClearWater is capable of ingesting all forms of data. From excel spreadsheets to databases to pdfs. We accept all data that is relevant to providing AI driven insights. For example, we have used weather, stream-gauge and water-sample data, as well as satellite imagery.

What are ClearWater Insights?

ClearWater provides insights primarily in the form of water quality forecasts. In particular, we focus on predicting the occurrence of harmful algal blooms over a range of time-scales. Our AI algorithms are cloud-based, and provide weekly forecasts aimed at augmenting operational decisions to seasonal and decadal forecasts for informing long-term planning

Tell Me More about Your AI

Under the hood, ClearWater has custom AI algorithms designed specifically for providing resilient and accurate water quality insights. These are not off-the-shelf algorithms from a 3rd party package. These water quality algorithms have been designed to get the most out of your water quality data. Our algorithms include approaches like Bayesian Model Averaging, neural networks and Transfer Learning.

Isn't AI a Black Box?

In general, the field of machine learning and AI have suffered from a lack of explainability. ClearWater has been designed to achieve both good predictive skill, but also clear understanding of the processes driving observations. Our algorithms sit in the subdiscipline of Interpretable AI.

How Accurate is ClearWater?

ClearWater insights have achieved ~85% in certain waterbodies. But the accuracy of our AI insights will vary depending on the case-study, the desire outcome (e.g. weekly versus seasonal forecasts) and the quality and quantity of the data provided.

How Can I Request a Demo?

If you are interested in using ClearWater just get in touch. Our team will work with you to find the best application of ClearWater to serve your needs.

Do I need To Use Your Servers?

If you have your water quality data already assembled into a database, we can access it via an API and there is no need to move the data to our servers. With an API, our cloud-based algorithms can crunch the numbers.

Where Are You Guys Heading?

The world is changing. Climate change is having impacts on the physical, chemical and biological characteristic of the environments that we depend on for food, income and health. Water is central to this. ClearWater is a first major step towards a “weather service for water” where accurate insights improve the resilience of communities around the world to climate change.

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